Thursday, July 16, 2015

Who Was Mark H. Wakefield? How Did Quirk Meet With Him?

It appears that Quirk had a fondness for Maine as he planned on going there after he left Lehigh University. This is mentioned in the 1972 article about him in the University Paper, The Brown and White. Perhaps he spent summers there like many artists of the time.

Photo of Francis J. Quirk
Photo from Lehigh's Brown and White 1972


Google search turned up a Mark H. Wakefield in Farmington/Franklin Maine who was born in 1882 or 1883, so the painting looks age appropriate. He would have been 61 in 1944.   He attended a Northern Baptist Convention in 1941.

 Where is Franklin County Maine? It is way up there in the red area. 


And in the middle of it lies Farmington.

An earlier census has the pastor in Aroostook County, Maine. This is the Northernmost tip of Maine so he was no stranger to the cold. 

Mark H Wakefield in the 1940 Census

View Actual Record Or find other results in the 1940 census for Mark H Wakefield
Age 57, born abt 1883
Birthplace Maine
Gender Male
Race White
Home in 1940
Farmington Falls Village
Franklin, Maine
Household Members Age
Mark H Wakefield
Wife 67
Sister-In-Law 72

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