Monday, June 27, 2016

Quirk Publishes Humorous Newspaper at Rhode Island School of Design

While attending the Rhode Island School of Design Francis Quirk was part of a short lived humorous newspaper known as the Salamander. There were two names listed as publishers, the other being Earl L. Shoemaker.  To see the original work you can visit this link.

Inside they have stories jokes, and even a slightly mocking discussion of Modernism. We liked the line drawn illustrations, however they are not attributed to the artist, so we cannot determine whether they are the work of Quirk or one of his classmates.  Below is the cover of a Christmas edition that contains a rather creative drawing of Santa on a Salamander.

RISD Alumni Francis J. Quirk Salamander Cover
Cover of the Salamander Courtesy of Digital Commons at RISD

It should be noted that Quirk is one of many excellent artists that emerged from the RISD crucible of creativity. Others include Julia Jacquette and musical artist David Byrne of the Talking Heads.

RISD Alum David Byrne

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Quirk Arrives at Lehigh

In searching through the archives of Lehigh University's student newspaper, The Brown and White, we came across this article from Quirk's first year. It provides a brief background and mentions two children. (I had only recently learned of one.)

It mentions an exhibit of his work including pastels, portraits and fishing scenes from Maine.

The house currently listed as 1814 Homestead Ave is pictured below. It was built in 1949-50

Bethlehem Homestead of Francis and Anna Quirk

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Photos of Francis Quirk and Various Paintings

Through the Lehigh University Photographic Collection we have found several pictures of Francis Quirk discussing various paintings. We have not been able to identify the paintings.

Master Maine Painter and Lehigh University Professor Francis J. Quirk
A younger Francis Quirk (1950?) with unknown gentleman. Courtesy of a Lehigh University Photographic Collection
 The photo below in one reference describes the woman as being his wife.
Listed Artist Maine Painter and Lehigh University Professor Francis J. Quirk
 Francis Quirk showing a painting to a woman (his wife Anna?) and Ralph L. Wilson Courtesy of a Lehigh University Photographic Collection
Below is another painting of Quirk with Ralph L. Wilson. Again, we do not have details on the painting. Ralph was a significant donor to Lehigh's Art Museum and donated a Warhol in 1975.

Francis Quirk discussing a painting with philanthropist Ralph L. Wilson   Courtesy of a Lehigh University Photographic Collection

Friday, June 17, 2016

Quirk Dedicating Sculpture

In the Photographic archives at Lehigh University we found this photo of Quirk dedicating a new sculpture in Maginnes Hall, which is the Fine Arts Building.  The Hall was opened in 1971 and once housed the University Bookstore.

We do not know details on the sculpture yet.  With the picture is the following text.  

Quirk, Francis J.; Kelly, J.J.; Franz, Paul J., Jr.; Yates, W. Ross (Willard Ross) / Maginnes Hall / Fine Arts

Willard Ross Yates was a Dean who wrote a history of Lehigh.
Franz was in Development for the University 

The dedication for the College of Arts and Science is interesting. It reads: Albert Bristol Maginnes "Alumnus and Trustee of Lehigh University, he excelled in many fields: the law, athletics, music and the fine arts. His life was one of integrity and service; his love of man, his gentleness and warmth of personality enriched those whose lives he touched. He enabled many men to come to Lehigh University; he advised them to the life of inquiry and truth which was his own." Mr. Maginnes was the Class of 1921.

Below is an exterior shot of Maginnes Hall from the 1970's.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Quirk at Work

Through the photo archives at Lehigh University we were able to get some pictures of the master painter at work and various events around campus.  The first shows Quirk at work in1973 painting Mr. George Fearnside Jr.. A photo of the final result is below.

Francis J. Quirk Master Painter of Pennsylvania painting
Francis Quirk painting Mr. Fearnside in 1972  Courtesy of Lehigh University Photographic Archives

Below are several photos of him at the 1973 exhibition of his work at Lehigh University.

Pennsylvania's Master Artist Francis J. Quirk at opening at Lehigh Univesity
Francis J. Quirk speaking at the 1973 exhibit of his work. Courtesy of Lehigh University Photographic Archives

Pennsylvania's Master Painter Francis Quirk discussing his paintings
Francis J. Quirk discussing a few of his paintings at the 1973 exhibit of his work. Courtesy of Lehigh University Photographic Archives