Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Watercolors of Artist Francis Quirk Can Now be Found In One Place

We finally have made the time to get all the Francis Quirk Watercolors in one place on Slideshare.  You can find them by clicking here. 

To whet your appetite, we are providing a few images below. 

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Francis Quirk, the Artists Relationship with Winter- A Watercolor of a Skier

Among the works of Francis Quirk we have notice one material to be largely missing from his oeuvre- snow. He did seem to have a proclivity for warm weather with a winter home in Arizona, and a Summer home in Maine in addition to his main residence in Bethlehem Pennsylvania. Undoubtedly his teaching duties kept him at Lehigh University for many a winter. And from a news photo we know he was there on at least one snowy day

As we were gathering together images for a collection of his watercolors, this image of a skier stood out as it was so different from the boats, buildings and other bucolic scenes he executed in watercolor. It almost looks like it was intended as an illustration. While records of his earnings from illustration work have not been found, it is believed that he derived some income from this side work. 

Quirk Artist, Quirk Painter, Quirk Painting, Quirk watercolor painting, Skier painting
Artist Francis Quirk's Watercolor Painting of a Skier

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Francis J. Quirk Maritime Watercolor Coming to Auction

Francis Quirk loved painting maritime subjects and he had excellent technique. A painting coming up for auction today in New York embodies these statements. You can bid on it here.  The artwork features the bow end of some type of sailing schooner. The outline of the prow and rusting anchors are carefully depicted with numerous ropes,chains, and stays. This artwork was not dashed off in a few minutes. There is great attention to detail.

Maritime Painting Square Rigger at Dock by artist Francis J. Quirk
Maritime Watercolor by Francis J. Quirk 

Watercolor is a difficult medium to work with as one needs to think about where the white space is at the outset. Notice the ripples in the water.

Master Maritime Painter Francis Quirk stevedorles
Close up of Stevedores in Maritime Watercolor by Francis J. Quirk 

The close up photo of the stevedores on the dock shows a tremendous amount of craftsmanship from the detail in the rope to the reflection of rigging in the window. 

Quirk Artist Signature
Signature on Maritime Watercolor by Francis J. Quirk 

This work is dated 1953 when Quirk would have been 36 years old. At this time he would be early in his tenure at Lehigh University. 

Quirk Artist
Maritime Watercolor by Francis J. Quirk  as Framed