Monday, August 29, 2016

Francis Quirk Painted in Watercolors and Quite Well!

At the upcoming September auction of Francis Quirk paintings there will also be drawings and watercolors by this gifted and multifaceted artist. One of the most interesting surprises was how much he worked in watercolors. We knew of his use of pastels and oil, but the number and quality of the watercolors was surprising. We have excerpted three images below.
Francis Quirk painting watercolor
Untitled watercolor by Francis J. Quirk

Watercolor is a tricky medium to work in because the artist needs to plan ahead and not paint in the white areas. Quirk's watercolors contain a surprisingly large amount of detail and artistry in what can be a medium for sketching and quick work. Below is an interesting scene of a rescue of a foundering ship. One can see the canon for shooting the line, the lifeboat rowing out and the crowd watching the scene. It is a quintessential coastal painting with drama and activity. The multitude of active figures is not highly common in Quirk's works. 

yacht rescue painting by Francis Quirk of Maine
Untitled Watercolor by Francis J. Quirk Scene of Shoreline Rescue of Foundering Ship
The painting below illustrates Quirk's ability to capture fine detail and work with precision in watercolor. The untitled work appears to be a wharf building of coastal Maine. It reminds one of the work of the Precisionists and Charles Sheeler in particular. Like many of Sheeler's paintings, this one contains no figures allowing the buildings to starkly dominate the image.
Precisionist Watercolor by Francis J. Quirk of Maine and Pennsylvania
Untitled watercolor by Francis Quirk
Charles Sheeler (1883-1965) was an American painter known for his paintings of industrial and rural buildings.

Charles Sheeler

Fugue by Charles Sheeler 1940  Museum of Fine Arts Boston

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Treasure trove of Quirk Art to sell in Maine on September 9th.

We recently visited with auctioneer Ed Wheaton of Pittston, Maine.  The owner of several quirk paintings and a number of works on paper has entrusted them to Ed to auction them off. The inventory includes portraits, pastels, watercolors, and drawings. It is a fascinating collection that includes works from his youth all the way through his exhibits at Lehigh University and at Ossabaw Island. You can see some of the art here.

The auction is scheduled for September 9th.

Below are a few of the paintings... I am seeking permission to post more..