Thursday, August 13, 2015

Where did Francis Quirk Sell His Art in Maine?

Map highlighting Ogunquit Maine

In our quest to learn more about Quirk, we have begun exploring the places he exhibited and sold his fine paintings. A bio lists the "Ogunquit Gallery" and we have reached out to the non-profit Ogunquit Art Association for their 75th anniversary book to see if it has any mention of him. If so, a visit to lovely coastal Maine could be on the travel itinerary to begin sorting through boxes in the archives. (We'll also stop for a nice lobster at Mabels!)

We also have learned from a helpful person at the Ogunquit Art Association that artist Chris Ritter had a gallery on Route 1 and this could be the gallery referred to in the bio. Route 1 is the coastal road with shops, housing and industry on it.

Chris Ritter was a fairly well known artist himself and had relocated from New York. His bio on Ask says that he was born in 1908 and had a gallery in New York from 1946-1951. He also taught art at Hunter College and Cornell. He died in 1976, but his wife lived on past 2000. Her holdings were auctioned in 2006.

Chris Ritter Self Portrait

.  We will see where this leads.

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