Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Francis J. Quirk Painting at the Georgia Museum of Art Portrait of Queenie Williams

The Georgia Museum of Art has graciously supported the efforts to bring the works of Quirk back to light by sharing a photo of his portrait of Queenie Williams. (Thank you Sarah!)

The Georgia Museum of Art is both a university museum at the University of Georgia and, since 1982, the official state museum of art. Located on the East Campus of UGA, in the Performing and Visual Arts Complex, it opened in 1948. Recently, it completed an extensive expansion and remodeling of its building, paid for entirely with externally raised funds, that has allowed it to display its permanent collection continually. The museum offers programming for patrons of all ages, from child to senior citizen, as well as free admission to the public for all exhibitions. It organizes its own exhibitions in-house, creates traveling exhibitions for other museums and galleries and plays host to traveling exhibitions from around the country and the globe. The museum strives, most of all, to fulfill the legacy of its founder, Alfred Heber Holbrook, and provide art for everyone, removing barriers to accessibility and seeking to foster an open, educational and inspiring environment for students, scholars and the general public.

Wow! It is good to see that there is nice culture going on in the city that produces football powerhouses, providing a nice option for those who want to grow culturally before heading over to the game..

Here is how they have it cataloged.
Francis J. Quirk
The Soloist (Queenie Williams), 1968
Acrylic on board
36 x 30
GMOA 1971.2686

Credit: Georgia Museum of Art, University of Georgia; Gift of Albert Christ-Janer

Portrait of Queenie Williams by Francis Quirk
The Soloist (Queenie Williams) by Francis J. Quirk
 On the portrait, the handling of the white neck piece is done particularly. It brings to mind the quote "Without color there is no white."

Here is an uncropped view with the color chart.

We have only had a little time to search for information on Ms. Williams.  If you have any information on her, please leave it as a comment.


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