Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Francis Quirk connected with Colleen Moore Movie Star!

Further research has revealed that the founder of Photoplay magazine James Quirk had a daughter Francis. As a result, there are several signed movie star photos inscribed to her- Francis Quirk. Alas, it appears that the link with the artist Francis Quirk is not accurate. (updated 3/13/2017)

In our quest for all things Quirk we found an image of an autographed photo of Colleen Moore. It is inscribed to Francis Quirk who would have been in his 20's when she was at the peek of her fame. How they met or this came to be, we do not know. 
Movie Star colleen Moore Fan Photograph dedicated to master painter Francis Quirk
Colleen Moore Photograph Dedicated to Francis Quirk

Colleen Moore was a very well known and well paid actress in the early days of Hollywood Movies. She is known as the originator of the Bob Haircut that characterized the flapper movement. She developed the haircut for a film role in which she was playing a rather unrestrained character. That haircut would be her trademark for the rest of her life.

When the fad ended, the Bob Haircut did not permanently disappear. A version of the Bob Haircut would later be popularized in the 1970's by Olympic figure skater Dorothy Hamill.

Olympic figure skater Dorothy Hamill

Shifting back to Ms. Moore, her fame in her time should not be underestimated. She was a film star.

F. Scott Fitzgerald would say of her. “I was the spark that lit up Flaming Youth, Colleen Moore was the torch. What little things we are to have caused all that trouble.” 

Below is just a small selection of movie posters from her oeuvre. 

Image of Colleen Moore Movie Poster

Image of Colleen Moore Movie Poster

Image of Colleen Moore Movie Poster

Image of Colleen Moore Movie Poster

Image of Colleen Moore Movie Poster

Image of Colleen Moore Movie Poster

Colleen Moore also was known for her love of dollhouses and visitors to Chicago's  Museum of Science and Industry can see the house she donated on exhibit. It is amazing.

Room from the Colleen Moore Dollhouse

One of the best bios of Moore we found was associated with a screening of one of her films at the Park Ridge Classic Film. You can read that bio here.

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