Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Working Methods of Francis Quirk

Among the treasure trove of Francis Quirk paintings and drawings that went up for auction in Maine were several sketches for works and preliminary drawings.

The first is a sketch for a later portrait that we have not found. It is interesting to see how he is thinking of how the face fits in with the background and the tool in his hands. In some ways the older gentlemen (possibly a farmer) could be seen as fitting into the same genre as "The Summer Pastor."

Sketch for Farmer Portrait by Francis Quirk Lehigh University Faculty Member
Sketch for a painting by Francis J. Quirk 

young hunter with dog watercolor study "Francis Quirk"
Water Color Study for Portrait by Francis Quirk.
The second is a watercolor sketch for a portrait of a young man and his dog. Could this be a sketch for the painting of Scott Adams III that won the Juror's Prize at the Providence Art Club's 1932 Exhibition?  The hunting outfit, furniture and dog indicate a person of some degree of affluence.  The discovery of the original painting will provide the answer.

Next we have two pastel sketches of  two boys heads in profile. They were studies for the oil painting of the boys at the shore. Could one of them possibly be his son James?

Pastel sketch of boy by Artist Francis Quirk
Pastel Sketch of Older Boy by Francis J. Quirk

pastel sketch of boy in profile by Maine Artist Francis J. Quirk
Pastel Sketch of Boy by Francis Quirk

Two boys on the Maine Coast Oil Portrait by Francis J. Quirk
Oil Painting of Two Boys By Francis J. Quirk

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