Friday, December 9, 2016

Two Great Quirk Paintings

We recently cleaned and framed two paintings by Francis Quirk. They turned out very nicely. The first is believed to be a painting of his daughter Ada-Lee. Judging by her tan, we suspect it was painted in Maine for a milestone birthday. It is hard to believe that the young vital person in this image might now look differently. It matches a painting of a young man whom we believe was his son James.  In a future post we will include all the images that we believe are of James.

One aspect of this fine painting that is particularly striking is the use of colors in the pink dress that includes turquoise and greens. 
Quirk Artist, Quirk Painter, Female portrait Francis Quirk
Portrait of Ada-Lee Quirk (?) by Francis Quirk
The second painting is a self portrait, we suspect that the hand behind the back was hiding the brush. We have multiple self portrait images and will be combining them in to a single blog post at a later date.

Quirk Artist, Quirk painter, Francis J. Quirk, Famous Pennsylvania Artist
Self Portrait by Francis J. Quirk

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