Thursday, January 5, 2017

Francis Quirk Profiled as a Dynamo in 1951 Lehigh University Alumni Bulletin

Professor Francis Quirk Cover Story Lehigh Alumni Bulleting
Cover Model and Artist Francis Quirk is featured on the Lehigh Alumni Bulletin

The Smithsonian Institution graciously provided materials from their file on Francis Quirk. In it was a fascinating cover profile piece in the October 1951 issue of the Lehigh Alumni Bulletin. It describes Quirk and his impressive accomplishments in his first year at the school. Here are a few of his year one accomplishments.

  • Leading a Committee to create gallery space that delivered its recommendation report 24 hours after formation
  • Began an inventory of the art on Cam,pus
  • Getting the Gallery Space in Memorial Hall open
  • Starting an Art Loan Program
  • Accepting two significant painting donations from Ralph Wilson (this would be the beginning of a significant relationship)
  • Expanding the Art Curriculum
  • Innovating new schedules to increase use of the Art Studios
  • Implementing an Art Piece of the Week Program that highlights a student work of note with public display
  • Executing 6 paintings and 12 portraits
A campus observer describes him as a man  who can  "ride off in four directions at the same time and  get  to all  of them."

A quote about Quirk mentions his love of Maine and boats.
"People, next to Maine, boats, dogs, and children, are the most  exciting things on  earth-   except of   course,   Art."

To access the full document you can click here.

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