Monday, February 20, 2017

Quirk's Undraped Pastel Portraits and Figure Studies

Francis Quirk worked in a variety of media including oil, water color, pencil, charcoal and pastel. 

We share with you below a few pastel nudes that were part of the Maine estate sale late in 2016. We still have quite a bit of material from that sale to share including pastel portraits and watercolors. Some of them are quite well-done.

The portraits have some striking elements including the lighting on the face below and the treatment of the eye in the second. Interestingly, the first portrait hints at the way Quirk executed hair. First filling it in with dark in entirety, then laying down color and highlights on top of it. In this portrait, judging by the hairline, it appears to be more of an afterthought. 

Quirk Artist  Undraped Portrait Artist Quirk
Pastel Portrait by Francis Quirk

Artist Quirk,  Facial Portrait, Quirk Artist
Pastel Portrait by Francis Quirk
The figure studies were probably executed during his academic training- perhaps at the Rhode Island School of Design. The second appears to have some issues in the relative size of the leg. We include them for completeness and to provide some insights into his training.

Quirk Artist,  Artist Quirk
Pastel Figure Study by Francis Quirk

Quirk Artist Figure Study Pastel
Pastel Figure Study by Francis Quirk
Quirk Pennsylvania Artist, Nude figure study Quirk, Pastel Nude
Pastel Figure Study by Francis J. Quirk

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