Thursday, June 15, 2017

New Francis Quirk Maritime Painting Comes to Light

Through our blog we have been contacted by the owner of a previously unknown maritime painting by Francis Quirk. The wonderful work is "Boat in an Ocean" which depicts an outboard-motor powered boat carrying two people cruising beneath a blue sky. Perhaps, they are returning from a day of fishing. The boat is riding fairly low in the water and the bow has some cargo that might be fish, shellfish or netting. 

painting Quirk, Maritime Painting Francis Quirk, Maine Artist, Maine Painting
Boat in an Ocean by Francis J. Quirk
The painting was most probably painted in coastal Maine as Quirk had a house in Saco in the Kinney Shores neighborhood on Old Orchard Beach. He greatly enjoyed depicting maritime settings. This work is a bit different stylistically from other Quirk paintings in that the sky dominates the canvas. The artist has captured the period of morning light before the sky turns pink or the sunrise. The color palate is typical of his work. 

Maine Maritime Painting by Francis Quirk,   Boat in an Ocean, Quirk Artist, Maine Painter
Boat in an Ocean painting by Francis J. Quirk
The owner of the painting recently purchased it in a shop in central Pennsylvania.

Francis Quirk Signature, Maine Painter Francis J. Quirk,
Francis J. Quirk Signature on Boat in an Ocean Painting
We greatly appreciate the owner of this painting reaching out to us and providing these images. 

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