Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Lehigh University Graciously Provides More Painting Images By Pennsylvania Artist Francis Quirk

Through some recent communications with Lehigh University we received images of two more paintings in their collection by Francis Quirk. We are greatly appreciative of their thoughtfulness and cooperation.The image quality is not the best. However, we will seek to get better representations down the road. Perhaps when we visit the Institution to comb through their archives. 

The first painting is interesting in that it uses his cubist, ethereal style and depicts a maritime subject- sailboats. Perhaps he executed it while in Maine.

Great Pennsylvania Painter Francis Quirk Lehigh University
Sailboat Painting by Francis J. Quirk
Photo courtesy of Lehigh University
The second is a rather standard portrait of an unnamed academic. The gentleman could be a University official or Professor.
Francis Quirk 'Great Pennsylvania Artist' Portrait Painter
Portrait painting by Francis J. Quirk
Photo courtesy of Lehigh University

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