Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Quirk and Cubism

Francis Quirk was a master of many different media; oils, pastels, charcoal,water colors and pencil. He also could paint in different styles beside the realism that he is well known for. Below are a few images in the cubist style. The two paintings below were auctioned in Maine in the September 2016. The boy has a Western flavor to it, so it may have been executed while in Prescott, Arizona.

Quirk Painting of Boy in the Cubist Style

Quirk painting "cubism" "cubist art" "Quirk Painter"  girl with dog
Quirk Painting of Girl and Dog in the Cubist Style
While we cannot confirm that the painting of the baseball player is by Francis Quirk as we were not able to enlarge it enough to see his signature, The dimensions and style certainly indicate that it is handiwork.
Quirk painting "cubism" "cubist art" "Quirk Painter"  baseball player painting
Francis Quirk discussing a painting with wife Anna(?) and another gentlemen. Photo Courtesy of Lehigh University Library Archives 

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